Art On the Streets, (and lakes).
The Hippogriff on Ice! 2005
I am known primarily as an art car artist. Art cars bring art to the people, everywhere. Gas stations, street corners, traffic jams are all places that I meet strangers because of my cars, which I have been building and driving since 1996. Some cars are thematic, like the Frida Karlo car, a tribute to Frida Kahlo, it was a collaboration with BJ Zander and El Colegio Charter School.
Other vehicles set the imagination on fire, like the Spider Van, created with middle school students; or my current ride, the Hippogriff, which is not just a car, but a magical monster, with wings, horns and hair. Art cars ask the viewer to think outside the box. It is a joyful task, driving an art car, sparkling, twinkling and surprising people, especially children, every day.
The Frida Karlo -
Student Project at El Colegio 2002
The Spider Van - Student Project at Friends School 2002
Tribute to Paul and Sheila Wellstone, 2004